Visit to an Island Near Male'

Ten minutes Speed boat ride from Male' City. An exiting trip which shows the real beauty of the Maldives.

Male Tour

If male’ is the economic central of Maldives and is almost the geographical centre. It has many facilities including a number of hospitals, clinics, business centers and government offices. It is possibly the most urbanized island in the Maldives. It has great shopping, international and traditional Maldivian cuisines and almost everything any other city in the world has to offer.

As for sightseeing and landmarks in the capital city it is numerous. The most popular architectural landmarks are: Islamic centre which is the largest mosque in the city and the building stands proudly as one of the most extraordinary interior designs with beautiful wood carvings. The building also provides other facilities such as meeting rooms and a fully equipped library. The other landmark is Friday mosque known as ‘hurkuru miskiiy’ it is one of the oldest mosque in the country and dates back to the 16th century. It has been recently restored and has been well maintained over the years. The other landmark which is a must for visitors to see is called ‘medhu ziyaaraiy’ a shrine of an African traveler who today is believed to be responsible in converting the country to Islam.

The former president’s palace ‘Muleeage’ is also a beautiful palace built in 1936 by one of the early kings of Maldives. Today presidential palace is a modern building which has attracted a lot of visitors for its beautiful exterior and interior décor.


Male’ offers some great shopping; it has shops ranging from electronics to general goods. It has good quality clothes shops. Also nearby islands other than the capital city has their range of souvenir shops. The shops are open from morning 8.00 am till 11.00 pm in the night except on Fridays which opens at 2.00 pm in the afternoon. A wide variety of handicrafts are available in the shops these include aircrafts such as wooden items, seashells.

Night Fishing

Night fishing trip in a Maldivian local dhoni, with our experienced fisherman's.